Leepin' Lizard Saab Service

Leepin' Lizard now exclusively services Saabs. For the highest level Audi and Volkswagen service, call Complete Auto at 303-985-7199 and tell them you want Andy to work on your car.

For over 20 years Leepin' Lizard has been performing every type of repair, service and maintenance on European cars. Our service area is equipped with all the digital and analog diagnostic equipment to diagnose even the most difficult problems, and because we can almost always deliver an accurate diagnosis more quickly than even the local dealers, we are able to fix these problems at a considerable savings to the customer. No service is too large or too small: whether you need to connect a smart phone to your car or you need a major engine overhaul, we can do it all.


  We see many cars that have been to multiple dealers and repair facilities to the tune of thousands of dollars only to have a chronic or intermittent problem persist. Every component on your car can be tested and evaluated, every problem can be solved. We don't only have the knowledge, equipment and training to locate every problem your car might experience, we also own and drive these cars so we're sensitive to exactly how your car should drive and perform. Don't live with a hesitation, vibration or check engine light, these problems can often be fixed a lot more quickly and inexpensively than you might believe. We've never had a problem we couldn't solve.

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