Leepin' Lizard Saab Service

Leepin' Lizard now exclusively services Saabs. For the highest level Audi and Volkswagen service, call Complete Auto at 303-985-7199 and tell them you want Andy to work on your car.

For over 20 years Leepin' Lizard has been performing every type of repair, service and maintenance on European cars. Our service area is equipped with all the digital and analog diagnostic equipment to diagnose even the most difficult problems, and because we can almost always deliver an accurate diagnosis more quickly than even the local dealers, we are able to fix these problems at a considerable savings to the customer. No service is too large or too small: whether you need to connect a smart phone to your car or you need a major engine overhaul, we can do it all.

  Since shocks and struts wear gradually, people often don't notice them wearing out. Replacing these can make a car with a hundred or even two hundred thousand miles on the odometer drive like it did when it was new. Control arm bushings also wear on these cars. Many repair facilities replace entire control arms to fix this problem, but high-quality bushings can be pressed into the arms, making unnecessary to spend thousands of dollars fixing a problem that can be fixed a lot more inexpensively.

  We also have a lot of experience installing higher-performance suspension parts, so if you're not happy with your car's handling, we can work with you to tune your car's suspension to the exact ride, handling and comfort characteristics you need. 

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